Silk N ArTickle
by Kristina Tickle

A few more scarves which are available.  Sizes and prices in Canadian funds as indicated.
Please email to check availability.

Left:  "ORANGE MULTI SALT" Orange with multi colours.  Middle:  "RED MULTI SALT"  Red with multi colours.
Right:  "ORANGE WITH GOLD" Orange ombre with gold squiggles.  All three scarves are 9"x 54" and $40.00 Cdn. each.

"ORANGE SALT MULTI COLOUR" Orange with multi colours and salt.  8" x 51" $40.00 Cdn.

"FUSCHIA SALT" Fuschia, Turquoise and Pansy Violet with salt.  31" x 31"  $40.00 Cdn.

"CHESTNUT SALT" Chestnut, Patina Bronze and Taupe with salt.  31" x 31"  $40.00 Cdn.

"BROWN SALT" Soft Brown, Caramel and Gold.  31" x 31"  $40.00 Cdn.

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